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The Top 10 Faithful Countries in the World and Where They Rank

Religion is a set of beliefs that often involve spiritual practices and the moral codes they generate. It can be found in every culture and society in human history.

Most Faithful Countries in the World

The United States of America is one of the most faithful countries in the world. It has a religious makeup, with nearly 3/4ths of Americans identifying as Christian.

In China, Buddhism and Taoism are popular religions that have been around since ancient times. India has a large number of people who identify as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist and many more who identify with other faiths.

The United Kingdom is home to some of the largest Christian denominations in Europe: Anglican, Roman Catholic and Presbyterian churches. The United Kingdom also has a high percentage of believers who identify as non-religious or atheist or agnostic: about 30%. South Korea has an extremely high percentage of Christians

Faithful countries ranked by percentage of people who are religious.

The United States is the most religious country in the world, with a whopping 83% of its population identifying as Christians.

The following countries are ranked by percentage of people who are religious:

1. United States – 83%

2. China – 81%

3. Russia – 80%

4. Brazil – 79%

5. Nigeria – 78%

6. Japan – 77%

7. Vietnam- 74%

8. Ghana- 73%

9. Philippines- 72%.

10. South Korea- 71%.

11 New Zealand- 70%.

12 Denmark- 69%.

13 Sweden- 68%.

14 Scotland- 67%.

15 Canada- 66%.

16 Italy- 65%.

17 Mexico- 64%

18 England and Wales – 63%

19 France – 62%,

20 Australia – 61%

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